We are ready to supply you the followings Woods from good & reliable suppliers:
(1)  Hard Board, Raw & White Painted, From Brazil, Portugal, Finland & Lithuania.
(2)  MDF, Raw & laminated, from Brazil, Europe, Thailand, China & Malaysia.
(3)  Plywood from Brazil, Europe, Indonesia, China, Thailand & Malaysia.
(4)  Radiate Plywood from Brazil & Chile.
(5)  Film Faced Plywood from Brazil, Europe & China.
(6)  Block Board from Brazil, Europe, Indonesia, China & Malaysia.
(7)  Soft Pine Wood from Brazil & Europe.
(8)  Ash from USA, Canada & Europe.
(9)  Walnut from USA, Canada & Turkey.
(10)  Maple from USA, Canada & Turkey.
(11)  Meranti from South America & Malaysia.
(12)  Decking from South America
(13)  Birch from USA, Canada & Turkey.
(14)  Veneers from Brazil , Europe & Malaysia
(15)  Cherry Wood from Europe, USA, Canada & Chile.
(16)  SPF from Canada.
(17)   Insulation Softboard 8,10,12mm
(18)  Wall and ceiling panels
(19)  Underflooring Softboards
(20)  Plain Hardboard
(21)   White coated perforated hardboard
(22)   LPL coated MDF on one face or two faces
(23)   High Definition Gloss UV coated MDF on one face and a matte finish on the back in the same color or white
(24)  MDF with one face with high gloss melamine coated panel and the backside in the same color but matte finish
(25) MDF coated with glazed gloss  looking finish on one face and LPL ( melamine )  matte finish on the backside.