We are major paper trading company in the Middle East and North Africa,enjoys an excellent reputation in our area of operation as a reliable source of top quality paper.

The main items we can supply are the following:

(1)  White W/F uncoated paper (i.e. Xerographic, offset printing, continuous form, laser printing, colour copier, carbonless copy base paper, liner board, coating base, safety, exercise book and envelope)

(2) White and coloured W/F Bristol Board

(3) Filter papers (e.g. for tea bags, for coffee filter, for engine fitters for electrical separators, for shoe manufacturing etc)

(4) Crepe papers (e.g. for adhesive tape manufacturing etc)

(5) Glassine flexible packaging papers (e.g. for chocolate wrappers, chewing gum wrappers, lamination, coating, waxing, grease resistant for fast food wrappers, flour bags, envelope clear windows, etc)

(6) Release papers for the manufacture of self-adhesive products.

(7) Decorative papers for the manufacturing of various decorative laminated boards.

(8) Recycled colour Kraft cover papers (pressings)

(9) Light Weight Coated Paper (LWC)

(10) Natural brown Kraft papers (plain, ribbed, MG, for bags, envelopes etc)