The Integrated Marketing Establishment main purpose is to comply with their buyers needs and requirements to deliver the best quality products from the most trust worthy sources (suppliers) from most of overseas markets ,as well as best competitive prices .

We offer our importers top quality services , competitive prices and delivery of wide variety of General Trade Products as shown in our scope of business as we are interested in world wide quality products for potential buyers .

Our aim and goals are to harness the energies and resources of importers and exporters in order to carry out profitable business transactions .

For years we have been selling our suppliers products to various middle Est. importers buyers businesses, which successfully placed them . Now we believe we are in a position to capitalize our potential beyond our gates. This is our new challenge: to be our own representatives in the world. , founded in our history and experience, but with a young and innovative spirit.

We continue building our latest experience and knowledge in International Business to improve our services to our customers as well as to our suppliers .Also we are keeping always seeking new potential product sources and the relative buyers .